Grateful Families Stories


My family and I just wanted to express our appreciation for the attentive, compassionate care that Mom received from the Unit 6 Therapy and Rehab staff during her recovery from a broken hip November 6 through December 27, 2021. We have had multiple family members at Altenheim over the years and knew the quality of care, but to find it maintained during such a challenging time was impressive. The patience, courtesy, and communication from the staff members was especially commendable at a time when they were so stressed and short-staffed.

Our heartfelt thanks to all who took part in Mom’s recovery:

  • To the physical therapy team for the intensive therapy she received, and the extra time spent to inform and train family members;
  • To the nursing staff who were so observant, organized, and responsive despite being run off their feet;
  • To the aides and other staff who showed that the little things sometimes make the biggest difference, whether a word of encouragement to family, help with feeding, a clean room, or just extra pickles with lunch;
  • And to all the staff on all the shifts whose names and faces we never got to know,

Thank you all!!

Re-Hab Stay

“My Re-hab of January 15, 2021 was really great and all the personnel treated me very well. Their concern for me in my time of need really made my recovery to going home a happy occasion. Thanks again to all who helped me get better.”

Happy Holidays to you!

My brother and I love each and every one of you… for the most amazing care you gave to our mom, Mary. Moving a loved parent into a facility such as yours is the most difficult task any child has to do, however, due to the most amazing love and care you all gave our Mom, we’re glad we made the best choice possible with Shurmer Place Memory Assisted Living.

Mary was born in 1929. So, she encountered the Beatles and Elvis during her youth. Perhaps she didn’t choose to listen to them, but that is what was going on in her era. And, she didn’t wear jeans, she was a prim and proper mom who wore a dress or a pretty blouse and skirt. Microwaves weren’t a common household item yet.  You put foil on your black and white TV antennas to get better reception. Mary was in “the simplest generation”. They learned wrong from right, they taught their children to say, “Please” and “Thank you,” and to hold the door open for someone older than you. When in public and you see someone who has served their time in the military and came home to their family, you say, “Thank you for your service,” to them, even though you have never met them in your life. My brother Keith and my husband Dave always do this, and this makes that generation proud. You said your prayers at night, you were taught to say, “Yes Ma’am” and “Yes Sir”. Life was so simple back then, and you learned how to stretch a penny as far as you could:  no online shopping, no Starbucks, and no texting. Just a simple life, and that’s almost extinct these days.

So, we reflect on the most important value we learned from our mom, Mary, and that was the golden rule, which we have updated in our own version, which is:  Treat others today as you would have them treat you tomorrow. It’s really just that easy. And, always start each new day with a positive attitude. And CHOCOLATE!!! Every morning!!

Each and every one of you have done that every day you work at Memory Care and we have witnessed it… the caring love, the dedication, and more importantly the RESPECT you give each resident. Respect is the most important thing, as is the dedicated loving care and positive attitude.

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. YOU ARE AMAZING ANGELS!!!  YOU ARE ALL SAINTS!!

“I was in a great deal of pain due to having bilateral knee replacements when I came to Altenheim. I want everyone that was included in my care at Altenheim, both directly and indirectly, to know what outstanding people they truly are. Other than my own home, I’ve never felt so safe, comfortable and loved. Every one of the nurses had compassion like I have never witnessed, even after working 20+ years in the medical field myself. From the bottom of my heart, I do not think I could have recovered nearly as quickly as I have without the combined efforts of the entire team at Altenheim.”

A Family Story Recognizing our Health Care Heroes

I made a promise to myself  as mom grew older and her daily needs required a little more attention each day that I would never put her in a nursing home. Little did I know when mom was admitted to SWGH how sick she was and how difficult the recovery was going to be. After a few weeks, while mom was being treated for severe septic shock and it was evident that in order for mom to regain any sense of independence this would require several weeks of  physical therapy. My first and only choice was the  Altenheim. Mom was transferred from SWGH to your physical therapy unit. Because of the Covid Virus and the restrictions placed on nursing homes that  only allowed window visits, I wanted mom to have a companion  during the day to be with her.  Audrey was her companion from the very first day until her passing this Tuesday past on October 20th.  Audrey was an angel and grew very close to mom over the last 34 days, praying with her, watching mom’s favorite game shows, cleaning her, feeding her, attending to her every need.  I could not have asked for anyone better to be with mom.

On September 23rd mom’s condition took a drastic turn and we called our family priest. Since that time we were able to spend time with mom during the day, afternoon, and evenings and words cannot express how thankful we are for that generous and kind gesture.  Mom stayed in the physical therapy unit until October 9th, and it became evident to me that mom needed to be transferred to the long-term care unit.  I want to recognize and thank all of the nurses, aids, therapist that took care of  mom while at Altenheim.  There were many and I do not recall everyone’s name but I would be remiss not to mention the following:

  • Beth, the acting Director of Nursing that provided frank and honest information on mom’s condition and difficult road ahead. Beth was the first to do this since mom was admitted to SWGH on September 4th, and appreciated and respected her opinion. Beth followed through with every request be it bloodwork results, vitals, and changed conditions.
  • Katrina, mom’s nurse in unit 6. Katrina provided us updates on mom in person or would take the time to call us at the house.  She is  dedicated and  compassionate.
  • Veronica and Dan the nurses in the long-term care unit 4 were diligent in mom’s medication changing her dressings as her condition worsened and again very dedicated compassionate employees that provide the assurance to family that mom was kept  comfortable.
  • There were several aids that watched over mom during her stay at Altenheim keeping her clean with fresh sheets, gowns and blankets and I want to thank each of them for  passionate care that they provided mom. A special thank you to Laura who was mom’s aid in unit 4.

I noticed that the first of your Core Values is treat everyone like family.  Words cannot describe how difficult it was to not have mom home during this time, we live on the family homestead that I was born and raised next to mom and tended to her needs over the last several years.  Every morning , afternoon, and evening I would visit with mom, talked to her every day. The last 46 days have been extremely difficult but because mom was at Altenheim knowing the care and attention that she was receiving was on less thing to worry about. Please thank all of those that watched over mom.

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