Grateful Family Program

Who are you thankful for?

We are honored that you chose Altenheim for your healthcare or your loved one’s healthcare. We hope that we lived up to your expectations of compassionate, quality care from our outstanding staff.

If you are looking for a way to say “Thank you for your part in my recovery” to an awesome member of Altenheim’s healthcare team, consider making a gift to the Grateful Family Program.

Maybe it’s a nurse who held your mother’s hand while she talked about her health concerns.

Maybe it’s the STNA who helped your husband with activities of daily living.

Maybe it’s the physical therapist who encouraged your father through challenging sessions that enabled him to return home.

Maybe it’s just because you are grateful for the overall care and compassion you received that got you back on your feet and ready to return home.

A gift to the Grateful Family Program is a meaningful way to show your appreciation and will have a lasting impact by enhancing the services and programs we provide.

Make a Gift/Donation

Your gift will help support our efforts to be proactive during the pandemic.

Grateful Families Stories

Share the Love

Please share your story of that special person who helped in your or your loved one’s care or recovery. Your words are an important gift. Please include names of those special people who helped.