Altenheim Therapy Rehab Center

Offering both in-patient and out-patient services, the Therapy Rehab Center is designed with every comfort and amenity to assist in the recovery process.  The Center adheres to Planetree principles that remove barriers between clients, families and caregivers.

The Center offers 32 private rooms with private bathrooms including large, accessible roll-in showers; room service; expansive windows; a pub; an outdoor courtyard; and, a state of the art therapy rehab gym.

Our compassionate, patient centered team will personalize the services you need to speed recovery.  You will be well prepared to return home with a discharge plan tailor made for you.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Orthopedic rehabilitation;
  • Cardiac rehabilitation;
  • Stroke rehabilitation;
  • Post-operative care;
  • Pain control;
  • IV therapy;
  • Diabetes management;
  • Wound care;
  • Physical therapy;
  • Occupational therapy;
  • Speech therapy; and
  • Skilled nursing care.

Whatever your needs, rest assured you’ll receive gentle care from a team of trained and skilled therapists, physicians, nurse practitioners and nurses.

Out-patient physical and occupational therapies at the Center are provided by Hands-on Physical Therapy Specialists.  Through Hands-on, we provide top-quality out-patient therapies to clients of all ages who are able to come in for an office visit.

The phone number for the Therapy Rehab Center is 440-238-3361.

The phone number for Hands-on Out-Patient Therapy Services is 440-238-0300.

Long Term Nursing Care

The Altenheim Nursing Home team personalizes services in loving, family-oriented surroundings at our recently renovated facility in Strongsville, OH.

We provide unparalleled long term care in a person-centered environment with a home-like atmosphere.

Our highly trained, compassionate team of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, therapists and support staff use a team approach to meet your loved one’s overall sense of well-being and continued quality of life.

The team offers expert nursing and clinical care; restorative care; pain management; therapies; palliative care; medication management; and, assistance with activities of daily living.

In addition to treating the physical needs of our residents, we provide social, religious and recreational activities.

Families and residents are encouraged to participate in designing and implementing individualized plans of care.

In keeping with our mission, Altenheim strives to achieve the optimal level of physical, mental and spiritual well-being of our residents and their families in a family-like atmosphere.

Altenheim Senior Living - Memory care for residents & their families confronted with Alzheimer's & Dementia

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Our memory care services are designed to promote quality of life for our residents having Alzheimer’s and Dementias, and a support system for their families.

Are you in need of compassionate care for a loved one whose life journey requires memory care due to Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias?  Altenheim Nursing Home and Shurmer Place Memory Assisted Living residences offer secure living areas; outdoor, enclosed courtyards; and, home-like environments; all designed to promote your loved one’s quality of life.

A personalized care plan may include a functional maintenance program with structured activities to help your loved one remain as independent as possible; quarterly cognitive assessments; physical ability maintenance; specialized activities geared towards a resident’s level of cognition; music and memory programs; life stories programs; and, family support groups.

Led by dementia professionals and a dedicated staff, a compassionate care plan will be designed and implemented for your loved one.

Altenheim Senior Living - Hospice care available at our Strongsville, OH campus

Hospice Care

For our residents receiving hospice care, it can be a very difficult time with a unique set of challenges, but at Altenheim Senior Living you won’t go through it alone.

You or your loved one needs hospice care. What’s next? Hospice is not a location. It is the way you or your loved one chooses to live with a life limiting illness, in a caring, compassionate environment that supports and respects quality of living.  Altenheim’s team will assist you in finding services to support your choice.

Hospice services may be provided on Altenheim’s campus, at a hospice facility, or in one’s own home. We will work with you and the hospice provider to ensure that your individual plan of care is met.

Hospice care includes symptom relief, pain management, comfort care, supplies, equipment and medications, respite care and bereavement services.