Culinary Services

It has been quite a hot summer so far here in Northeast Ohio and we are very thankful for that at Altenheim Senior Living. Our “tropical-like” weather has allowed us to begin to have great success in harvesting summer vegetables from our new on-campus garden. These vegetables include: cucumbers, yellow squash, zucchini, lettuce, eggplant, okra, radishes and a variety of tomatoes and herbs.

With these vegetables our dietary team has been able to cook some delicious meals for our family of residents here on the Altenheim campus. There have already been some amazing dishes created such as a yellow squash and chicken casserole, and a pesto sauce made from the basil that we grew for a shrimp and penne pasta dish. One of our dietary staff members, Marilyn, was able to create a fresh and colorful garden salad using the tomatos and cucumbers from the Altenheim garden! This week, Justin, another member on the dietary team, will be using the cilantro from the garden to make a pineapple cilantro salsa that will top the Mahi Mahi dish for dinner on Wednesday night.

This warm weather is only one of the reasons that this garden has been able to thrive. The most important part of the success is due to the incredible team work from our dietary department.

Although it takes the effort of the team, Diane McCluskey, the Altenheim Senior Living Director of Culinary Services, explained that there is one person in particular that deserves to take credit for this plentiful garden. Shana Qirjazi, who is a great cook that we are lucky to have on the dietary team. She is very proud of her Albanian heritage and has been with Altenheim for almost 14 years. Shana is the number one tender to the Altenheim Campus Garden and a very important part of why the garden is been so successful thus far.

While the dietary team has always been incorporating vegetables into the dishes that they prepare, I think everyone can agree that there is nothing better than cooking with and eating fresh vegetables from your own garden. We are very excited to see and taste all of the creative and colorful dishes to come.

In addition to our garden, Altenheim Senior Living is going to be launching a new Instagram page that will focus on the culinary side of our campus and will display the delicious meals that our dietary team members create and serve to our residents. This page will add another way for family members and friends to connect with us! Please be sure to check it out!

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