Altenheim Senior Living’s Core Values. They are:

  • Treating Others Like Family
  • Spreading Joy and Health, and
  • Bringing Quality and Passion

Every Day, Every Way!

These values define who we are as an Altenheim team and that  we are here to serve  our residents, their families, and the community.

Our Core Values are derived from Altenheim Senior Living’s Brand Promise, as follows:

You’ll be greeted with a smile and will feel the difference when you walk through the door. We’re family here. We’re dedicated to providing the highest quality senior living services to our local Northeast Ohio community. Whatever your senior living needs are, we can help.

Good to the Core

Barb Capadona

Barb has been a dedicated and well respected leader at Altenheim Senior Living for 25 years. She began her service at Altenheim as receptionist. Her commitment to the residents’ and staff, desire for personal growth and knowledge and hard work helped her develop the skills she needed to become the Human Resources Director. A role she has successfully served in for 20+ years.

Barb enjoys traveling and spending time with friends. She is also the very proud grandmother of three beautiful granddaughters.

Barb Capadona

Tina Gliniecki

At about the age of 14, Tina found herself sneaking out her house, getting on her bicycle, and pedaling down to the nearest nursing home to play piano and visit  with folks. That’s where her love for working with people started. Over the years since then, she has worked in nursing homes, mental health facilities, group homes, RBF’s, daycares, and private situations including Alzheimer’s respite care, end-of-life care, ministry, and as a nanny. Tina likes the ability to work with others, to see the humanity and dignity and worth that each one has, regardless of their mental or physical capabilities.

In her spare time, she crochets, plays music, plays Minecraft, shoots archery, cooks, and does various other crafts.

Tina’s started with  Altenheim at Home on 6/8/18 she then attended Altenheim’s STNA class and now works under Altenheim At Home and Altenheim Home Health.

Tina Gliniecki

Our First Altenheim “Good to the Core” Winner

Brenda Thorpe

Brenda Thorpe has been part of the Altenheim family for 27 years! She is one of 12 children and grew up in Columbia Station. Brenda has three boys and one grandson. She loves to read, do crossword puzzles and spend time with her family. Brenda is an asset to Shurmer Place!

Brenda Thorpe