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Is Home Care the Right Choice…

As time passes, our relationships with our parents change. From childhood through our teen years and into adulthood, we transition through many phases in this relationship. For some of us, once we’ve established our own families and have become seasoned adults, we reach a point where it becomes necessary for us to care for our […]

“How do we reduce the stigma of Dementia?”

Community Programming Altenheim Meeting Center at Shurmer Place April 30, 2019 • 7:00 P.M. How we openly discuss the recognition of dementia and how we seek early treatment in coping and managing the symptoms. Dr. Katherine Judge Ph.D. Professor of Psychology and Director of the Adult Development and Aging Doctoral Program, Cleveland State University  Program […]

Choosing a Memory Care Community from a distance

When a family first gets the diagnosis of a loved one’s dementia, many choose to care for their loved one at home, at least for a time. But, if you’re a long distance caretaker, this is likely not an option. In addition, after their memory has progressed to a certain point, you and your family […]

Transitioning your Parent to a Memory Care Community

Although making the decision to move to memory care is quite intense and emotional, making the actual move to the new community can be just as taxing. Though the process may be difficult, there a few practical tips you should consider as to how to make this transition run as smoothly as possible. Coordinating with […]

How to Talk to your Spouse about their Dementia Diagnosis

Empathy is the watch word when preparing to talk with a spouse about their dementia diagnosis. Dealing with a dementia diagnosis can often be incredibly challenging and difficult to process. This is especially true for the individual who has received the diagnosis. Therefore, you will want to ensure that you are empathetic and try to […]

Talking to Your Family about Your Parent’s Dementia Diagnosis

Although your parent may not realize the extent of their diagnosis, it’s likely that you and other family members have. After receiving an official dementia diagnosis, it becomes critical that you start having important conversations with those family members. The challenges facing a family with a loved one diagnosed with dementia should not be taken […]

Deciding if Memory Care is Right for Your Sibling

A diagnosis of dementia can be devastating not only for the person affected, but for family members of that loved one as well. It may initially seem more comfortable for your family to care for your sister or brother at home. As the disease progresses, the challenges of home care can become much too difficult […]